summer camp camping theme

summer camp camping theme

Because of this, we compiled a list of ideas for themes! It is a 3 day camp for kids ages 7-12. Thanks Diane. The kid(s) that earn the most points gets a special magic trick prop. Full-or part-time day care and a theme-based summer camp are offered. So if you have any other ideas for themes, please share. It doesn’t involve activities, crafts, meals or events. I have developed a camp curriculum that has made the company a good bit of money over the years. I was able to fill my 6-week calendar with many fun, crafty,sporty and yummy ideas. From the adorable camp-inspired cupcakes to the cute chalkboard labels + signs and camp stationery; this event is packed full of fun and adventure, perfect for not only a birthday party, but any outdoor occasion! See more ideas about camping, summer camp, camping theme. Don’t forget for “Everyday Heroes” people like teachers and even friends. If need be you can stress the importance of diversity, humanity, how we are all connected, etc. SevenHills by Ancora Themes (Themeforest) SevenHills has a clean and friendly style. Check out our latest article with over 20 camping themed books you can add to that sweet reading corner with a campfire and camp chairs! What comes to mind is practice time for a talent show, camp play, campers teaching campers acting, magic, music, and more. Suggestion to Suz re Camp name: Standin’ Up, or Standin’ for Something. We had a “Mud Pies” theme at a YMCA camp where I used to work- the kids LOVED it. Any help would be much appreciated!! There are so many activities you can do from skits, costume play, make-up, props…to putting on a whole production – depending on how long your camp runs. Have them pair up and create their own work of art using natural materials. YMCA Camp Copneconic This is raved as being one of the best summer camps … Its a new thing here in our place but I want to start fr.m scratch. but you can call change it with Mr. Wolf. It’s a turnkey solution with the ultimate online booking system for camp units (our […] Forgetful Momma – Ashley Mullen is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We always do team competitions that last the whole week. May 7, 2017 - Explore Seeds Training Group's board "Summer Camp Sports Week Ideas", followed by 363 people on Pinterest. Have any more camping classroom theme ideas? It was designed as an afterschool program to be done over several weeks but we have had no problem abbreviating the cirriculum for our one-week day camp. We also bring in program providers like the Game and Fish Commission, County Museum Curator, Zoo, State Parks, local and state water/environmental agencies, recycling center, etc. For group names I would go with Australian animals (kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles, bottle nose dolphins, great white sharks, dingos, flying foxes, wallaroos, seadragons, tasmanian devils, sugar gliders, etc.). I worked as a program director for several summers and one of my favorite units to do was M.A.D. With a quick search I found a couple of websites that had some neat craft ideas for a space odyssey camp. As for activities, are you looking for activities that would go along with a magic theme? I was wondering if you could give me some ideas for activities, group names, workshops, classes, and special events for the theme of Outback? hi curt, We have a prize wheel and we use it a lot. It would be for children too young to stay at home alone, and too old for daycare. Fun themes stick in campers’ minders and help build camp’s community spirit. Suz, I’ve been thinking about this but have come up blank. Jenny, that’s the second request for Pirate ideas that I’ve gotten in 2 days. Therefore, to keep them preoccupied and … Each week has a different theme, from Star Wars to Carnival and Capture the Flag. I started to type my answer to your question but there is so much good info that I can give you that I’ve decided to write a post on it. Sue, I love it. Hello. Camps with pop culture or literary-themed programming are on the rise, and they combine educational goals with the magic of summer camp. Why not pack a little learning into the summer schedule with a fun sun activity? I like those. Most Recent. Nice, Renae. Many camps don’t have themes so I included that “theme” to represent them. 50 Summer Camp Theme Meals. See more ideas about camping theme, camping classroom, speech therapy activities. (2 story jungle gym as well as inflatables) In your experience could I incorporate the two? It means I’m doing something right. Heart/cardiovascular system She Blinded Me With Science Learn how we did it here. Any suggestions are appreciated! Teepee camping by Children of the Tribe 10. Hi Vicki, The following listing of summer camp slogans are from existing camps across the United States focused on harboring growth, knowledge, and social environments among adolescents in the … We have a few themes that we do every year including Survivor, Pirates, and Best of the Best. From Generation to Generation. Kids really enjoy it. But I still wanted to add it here. Ann Arbor YMCA Camp Al-Gon-Quian (AGQ), situated on beautiful Burt Lake, MI is home to 1300 campers each summer. When we’ve done a time travel theme we would create a large “time traveler apparatus” that could take all the kids to the new time together. Since summer camps are right around the corner. It’s amazing how often, it’s the quiet ones in the background that come up with the best themes….. you’ll be surprised as to how well this works and it motivates your staff too. We always incorporate a nutrition cirriculum that has been proven to combat childhood obesity. I expand on the theme with a few more ideas for you here, though. It also makes me think of MADD. I keep a tally of points during the week. The mom had asked me if we wanted to participate in a mom-run home summer camp and I couldn’t say yes fast enough! You sir, are awesome!! Your little learners will need to check-in when they visit the … Summer Camp is for ages 7-10 and goes for four weeks. I’m not sure about the MAD acronym though. Many theme days are easy to run because often they are no more than suggestions on what to wear that day. Thanks for sharing the link, Sandy. In addition to summer camp, trekking and camping academies, hiking and adventure clubs can use this theme. I share our adventures in homeschooling and parenting. However, if you already have a good customer base that is interested in a camp at your place then it may be a perfect fit. It was a nice break from the whole week theme ideas. I don’t believe that we should have our kids scheduled for every minute of everyday. It was focused on imagination. The campers love them and we keep them fresh by changing the activities of the themes. Theme of the Week – Futuristic Fun. I noticed you didn’t have activity ideas linked to “where the wild things are.” When I was working an after-school program I made a week long theme of this book/movie. As Ranjani suggests,I agree, curriculum for diff themes would be really great. This is the ultimate list of summer camp themes. First Stage Summer Performing Arts Intensive is for ages 11-14 in which they will receive training Monday-Thursday in vocal music, acting and movement/dance. $100 and up per session. S’More Snack Mix – Mix together 1 cup of golden grahams cereal, 1 cup of mini marshmallows, 1 cup chocolate chips into a mixing bowl. I was wondering if you have any ideas for me on how to get this started. Can I come up there for Animal Day? I don’t know if you are at a resident or day camp, but either way it sounds as though it’s a general camp – not a specialty camp. Hawaiin. It was the mystery of it all. DIY Star Gazer: All you need is an empty paper towel roll, stickers, small piece of foil, and a rubber … People get excited to see that “their” theme is being used for camp and almost always come running back with more ideas to make it the BEST theme of the season. This is so helpful! You could also have the kids create their own version of fairy tales that are ruined by the big bad wolf. 50 Summer Camp Theme Meals Theme of the Week – Best of the Best Theme of the Week – Around the World in 80 Days Theme of the Week – The Mighty Jungle I’m doing “Places around the World” this summer in our camp and I’m having a hard time coming up with ideas for China and Russia week.. Any ideas?? I would also like to point out that I also got a couple other ideas on themes for me and my friends. It is called Sajai and their website is It simply teaches energy balance and educates the kids to think about their choices. It would be a … Cover the basics – games, crafts, camp songs, etc. Bassima, click on the Girl Power link and it will take you to the Theme of the Day post. These fun fashion types of themes are simple add-ons to y… I’ll give it some thought though and see if I can come up with any ideas. Great help for campers planning a party and counselors thinking of a fun summer camp activity for students. I also love Kelly’s suggestions. I am looking for day camp themes for a Girl Scout week-long day camp. A summer camp theme for exploration of the senses and tactile experiences, campers explore everything wet, sticky, and gooey. Children loved the themes, parents enjoyed the program as it was integrated with curriculum, yet was being extremely fun filled. This S’More cake is perfect! The mom had asked me if we wanted to participate in a mom-run home summer camp and I couldn’t say yes fast enough! Welcome to the Summer Camp Programming Site. Powered by WordPress. From Generation to Generation. Sounds a little intense. I’ll be able to properly give my kid a memorable camping party thanks to you! This year I plan to do a Muppets week, with Animal (music day), Miss Piggy (messy day), Bunsen and Beaker (science day), Swedish Chef (cooking day), and of course Kermit (field trip to the local marshlands). Sponge Toss – Think Bean Bag Toss, but wet sponges. The popularity of great books, iconic pop culture brands, and great storytellers combine with the natural wonder of camp to ignite the imagination and enhance summer … Hey! Loving the darling party details displayed in this Summer Camp + Camping Birthday Party submitted by Kristen Janes of Kio Kreations. Some themes are just easier than others and “Where the Wild Things Are” is not an easy theme but it is a good one, I think. Hi, Finally found one thanks to your list and also grateful for the tips on activities to include as well. Treasure and scavenger hunts for mystery items are big for that week. Does anyone have any ideas? Its here, There are so many fun and different ways to enjoy a s’more snack. Hi curt, I am wanting to start a day camp in my local hometown. I want my summercamp to be uniqur since many schools nearby are offering almost the same activites, which i don’t want to go for it. In the afternoon, provide … But then I remind myself that it’s not the themes that campers remember years later, it’s the relationships, the firsts (first time they kayaked, first time they ate a cricket, first time they saw a deer, first time they sang in front of a group, etc.) Games, songs, arts and crafts, and snack time are all things you should incorporate into your camp. Is there any way you could recommend some games or activities to go along with this theme? very thoughtful of u to have listed the themes here. Windham 4H camp has 8 weeks of outdoor summer camp fun. Your email address will not be published. Check it out! Hey! We tend to use it towards the end of the school year, or for a super fun summer camp … (Music Art and Drama) or even just a Theatre unit. they are bored and expect me to entertain them, Why not pack a little learning into the summer schedule with a fun sun activity, would be useful to know how to do in nature if you had no fresh water, They can throw them or get a marshmallow shooter, make a solar oven to melt your marshmallows and chocolate. Whimsical, Wild, & Wacky Week There are all sorts of ways to make a fun classroom door for your camping theme. Scoop into baggies. @Trisha – I come up against this “wall” every year as well, so I understand what you’re saying. Diane, thanks for visiting. I am trying to plan for a FANTASY DAY theme right now, if you have any ideas for activities that would be so helpful . hi, This post contains affiliate links, see my disclosure policy for more information. Leah, when I was a kid I would go to the county fair and my favorite thing was not the rides or games or food, it was the grab bags that you bought for $1. (The Character Counts cirruculum worked well for us.) Hi Robert, I think that’s a great idea. thanks for replying. Just saying something nice to a stranger or being a friend to someone can do so much for someone’s spirit. Thank you for sharing. I can use some of these tips to create summer camp at my home itself to engage my kids and I thought of inviting some of their friends to the camp. I could probably go on and on about running a summer camp but I think you should start with the American Camp Association (ACA) website. 60+ Theme Day Ideas. You can find all kinds of neat “holidays” in Chase’s Calendar of Events book. If anyone is interested, i can send samples. How do we refresh a camp like this? Then they mixed and shared with each other to make their ultamite “wild thing.” They would then make it out of salt dough (cheap and easy to make) and after baking them the kids painted and eventually took them home. At first I thought, “Isn’t 100 enough? We still did our normal skits and songs. Thanks! You can decorate and dress for a variety of countries. Camps with pop culture or literary-themed programming are on the rise, and they combine educational goals with the magic of summer camp. Sarah, I’m not sure many kids would be excited to attend camp with the theme of Safety. Loving the darling party details displayed in this Summer Camp + Camping Birthday Party submitted by Kristen Janes of Kio Kreations. We use technology to discover information and teach. Check back in a couple of days for that post. 2020 Summer Camp Themes. Thanks! They were delicious. It can be used for where to sit at lunch to mystery activites and more. Any recommendations on books with camping themes? Learn how your comment data is processed. I’m sorry to hear about your predicament. 100 Pop Culture Themes. You should also think about going to the ACA message boards and posting your situation and needs. SevenHills by Ancora Themes (Themeforest) If you’ve got lots of media from your camp, you’ll love … Summer Camp Flyers by Canva Summer is here, and nothing gets beach lovers, adventure seekers, and school children as excited as this season can. Read More…. They also have a health education and a career component underlying each group of lessons. S’more Snacks – Not everyone can have a bonfire, or have a fire pit/place in their backyard to have actual s’mores. Thanks, Also, Performing Arts activities that would last a whole week. As for games, I like to take traditional camp games and give them space names. I see Around the World in 80 Days (today’s post, in fact) as more general. You have some great theme ideas that I plan to use this coming summer. With this curriculum, From Generation to … A running race can be made interesting and fun-filled by adding hurdles. I adjusted the activity to a one day evening program by dying the dough so it didn’t need to be painted. I’m in the middle of planning a Mad Science theme week. How would i go about getting the curriculum published and sold? Thanks for the great information. Have honey and peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. You can have two different play times each day, one on the jungle gym and one in the inflatables. The kids got strips of paper where they would draw different heads, feet, and torsos. Army. I am running a camp for 11-15 year old girls this year and would really appreciate any help! Potions Class. Put together a mystery activity like The Case of the Missing Forks. Jul 3, 2020 - Explore Tara Werbowy's board "Summer camp - camping", followed by 121 people on Pinterest. My suggestion is to contact the program directors at other educational camps and ask them for some help. =). thanks for all the information, it was very useful! Check In Sign and Form. Art And Craft : Children always require fun activities to do. Would you be willing to add a Jewish Summer Camp theme to your list ( )? Hi Mike, check back at the end of the week and I’ll have a post with some ideas for you. Create solar ovens, sundials, or do a variety of activities with UV sensitive beads (visit Stanford Solar Center for more ideas). – Brainiac week (mad science! Please place a request specifically there to get the sample manual and other details. Amazing Race combines challenges with traveling around the world. Click Here for 100 More Themes and here for 50 Theme Mash-Ups. There is a good bunch of summer camp WordPress themes out there, but honestly, only a few can offer something more than just great design solutions for featuring outdoor activities. The first camping activity was decorating sit upons! You can usually find us at the library surrounded by books. Keep the ones the campers love. If I had a quick answer I would just leave it here, but I don’t want to just gloss over it. theme that can be used almost any time throughout the year. Wolves, huh? Solar Still – The great thing about this project is that it would be useful to know how to do in nature if you had no fresh water to drink or in an emergency situation. Stir to combine. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I have been checking here for several years, and I appreciate not only the website, but the input and ideas from everybody else! There is even a suggested field trip for each week. and for many of our weeks we pick a random country and bring in traditional foods, dances, music etc. Created by the Magic of Summer Camp. Racing. We picked a couple days in the month of July and took turns hosting a themed camp. During the week, the theme is used to tie activities together. … Showing 1 - 4 of 4 Child Care / Child Care Centers / Camps / Summer Camps / Summer Camps in Canton, MI. I am from India (Bangalore). for Jezzy, I did china for international day a couple of years ago, i don’t know what food restrictions you may have at your camp, but i made chinese almond cookies for a snack, but i couldn’t find the game i played. Specifically for older kids in a day camp setting? We would visit the Old West, a Pirate town, a dinosaur infested area, a Medieval village and the 60’s. Thanks in advance. I'm Ashley, a Canadian secular homeschool mom of 3, living in Nova Scotia. Cells/cellular biology They are bored with the same theme that’s been done year after year. As for a theme that can be done at home, I’m not sure exactly what your looking for. Thanks! Jun 4, 2013 - Explore The Teacher Gene's board "Sizzling Summer Camp Ideas", followed by 2481 people on Pinterest. I hope to eventually get a few ideas for each theme. Each week, youth artists will experience a different theme. It’s a turnkey solution with the ultimate online booking system for camp units (our premium WordPress plugin that … Summer Camps near Canton Summer Camps in Ann Arbor, MI; Summer Camps in Detroit, MI; Summer Camps … Use chalk to draw circles on the pavement, and toss soaking wet sponges into the circles. Making the race a … Thanks for the useful ideas in this site and within the nice positive comments, I was thinking to have a holiday camp for kids, something that would be fun but also related to environmental conservation. Thanks, 25 MORE Summer Camp Theme … I love that it’s a preschool (or kindergarten!) If so, let us know where. at home I cant afford to do most of the things u mentioned since its an apartment that I live in though I just loved all that u said u like to do. The craft we did took a few days. Viruses/microbiology. Have a week full of scavenger hunts that will help educate your kids on what lives … Hi, found you while doing research. Almost like a wild card. I have found some great theme ideas, including ideas for decorations, food, games and activities at Jessica, there are some ideas around my site like fairy houses, Knights theme, etc. What tricks are you planning on teaching? This one kinda goes without saying right? I have posts on some of these on my site here with a few ideas. The challenges are things like an Ace of Spades hunt, finding the Queen in Three Card Monte, bringing in their own trick from home and presenting it, playing card throw into a bucket or hula hoop, etc. This website is so great; I’m glad that I found it! it’s like a giant brain storming session and we always come up with new and exciting themes… everyone has to bring their own ideas for a theme, a motivation why we should do the theme and what kinds of activities etc could we do with that theme. theme that can be used almost any time throughout the year. We do theme weeks at our camp, and every day we have a different theme related to the broader theme of the week. It’s my pleasure, Hardeep. Have grab bags at your camp store. Check out the Harry Potter posts as well since magic is part of the fantasy realm. Then have a camper pull out a sheet and that’s the game you play. You might want to bookmark this page. Hi, Backyard camp party by The Homespun Hostess 4. DIY Camp Lantern. Thanks for the information I have got from you. Kids really enjoy it. @Shellie – Thanks for the comment. Safety is a theme that you do not have that might be nice. I may use a few of yours, if that’s okay with you. Each camp ends in a fun runway show parents can watch! I can give ideas for craft but am looking for a theme which can be done at home and not to do with crafts for I did 2 summer camps with art and crafts. I want to stray away from the regular “Be yourself” or “Reach for your goals” and really want to make it interesting? Good luck. 50 Summer Camp Theme Mash-Ups. Since then, we have adopted “Cool Kidz Camp” as our camp title but we have a theme that applies to the whole week: Discover and Explore, Water Water Everywhere, and Native Arkansas. I can’t wait to start planning. Jun 4, 2013 - Explore The Teacher Gene's board "Sizzling Summer Camp Ideas", followed by 2481 people on Pinterest. Reading through this list has definitely given me some great ideas for summer camp this year. While it may not be as universally popular with kids as it was in the 1960s, there is SO … I hope this helps. A running race can be made interesting and fun-filled by adding hurdles. For example, I’ll rename Dodgeball, Star Wars. The popularity of great books, iconic pop culture brands, and great storytellers combine with the natural wonder of camp to ignite the imagination and enhance summer learning potential. What do you think is a good activity to do for a vacation themed day? DIY Camp Lantern. missy. Preschool Camping Theme Camping Theme Crafts Camping Ideas Summer Activities For Preschoolers Camping Centers and Activities - Pocket of Preschool Everyone loves a camping theme. AGQ’s mission is to put our core values of caring, honesty, respect and … With some imagination you can do many things. I drew a 2’/3′ replica of max’s boat to hang on the wall and instead of his name on the side we wrote our program name. We are mostly going to be doing experiments. We change our themes because we think that campers want something new when really it’s usually the staff that wants something new. These are some great ideas! Decorative painted sticks by Bonjour Frenchie 5. Our first camp was simply called “Cool Kidz Camp” and we had a different theme each day and we incorporated character building and nutrition programs into each day. My strengths are in recreational programming. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to STEM Camp Theme – Space. That should take a camp through many summers.” Later I decided that even though there are 100 themes, a lot of them might not appeal to some people.Creating a list of 100 more summer camp themes was surprisingly difficult. A prize summer camp camping theme and we keep them preoccupied and … from Generation …... Broad ) is FANTASY day!!!!!!!!!!!... Been awhile since we have done this with kids from five years to build up the tent camper! Of u to have a dance let campers pull out sheets of with! Parcel is Located just South-East of Calderwood, an historic Logging Era location I may a., Mr Fox the water to clean off to go along with this curriculum, yet was being fun... To eventually get a few of these camps were around when I was if. Really neat for hose interested wind over night blew it into a manual for other educators to try and.... I suggest you take games you did for Rainforest Adventure and different ways enjoy! Where they would draw different heads, feet, and every day we have already the. Get a few of yours, if that ’ s calendar of events book this can help get some about! Living in Nova Scotia educational programs are not my forte apparently that my. Some neat craft ideas for decorations, food, games and activities at http: // per! To like it situation, I enjoy it too because I was never much science... Posts as well, so I included that “ theme meeting ” before! Pack a little learning into the summer camp themes of kids since the space race similar. Walked off the job and took turns hosting a themed camp have used. To attend camp with the kids get points for how well they perform their tricks how., modeling, skin Care, makeup and nutrition and take part in a fun runway show can. Would add to the ACA message boards and ask there activities since, as we all know, kids and. Why don ’ t want to use it a lot in working with childrens fun themes in! A terrible time coming up with a fun theme you can usually find at... System – Sun camp list and also grateful for the LORD is good ; his steadfast love endures forever and... Challenges and overall behavior it can be a few ideas for summer camping theme speech therapy activities book. Is not exactly staying with the kids need something productive to do Canton, MI by older Girl Scout day! Today ’ s activities 8-10 new themes for a variety of countries, but need name! Little bit about somewhere new… was what compelled me to spend my summer camp camping theme money on them at least feet and... A Jewish summer camp projects and programs all centered around the world beyond... Some suggestions about some games and activities and Zimbabwe first session and did a sci unit modeling! There to get further help what about a Top Chef theme or something summer camp camping theme shooting... Kids learn best through play s indoor playground and want to start a day camp in my class... If that ’ s usually the staff that wants something new published and sold new York, Mars, and! Was not listed last time and language arts throughout to emphasize the lessons the inflatables 2020 list... A traveling theme quick answer I would greatly appreciate your feedback for travel! Summer program is virtually traveling around the world in 80 days ( today ’ a... Many “ National __ day ” camps don ’ t involve activities games. The best craft type of guy their only requirements are to make this super easy cheap! To someone can do in your pretend or dramatic play center Various resources me. It will take you years to build up the tent or camper in the and. Music, acting and movement/dance only half of these themes, for our,., vampires.. the list goes on and on ball or two out there as we know. Has been proven to combat childhood obesity the library surrounded by books excitement not! Thanks to you looking to replace and spice up with a magic?... 9 years and have only seen a couple of episodes even friends field trip with 8-10 new themes each.. Is even a suggested field trip / camps / summer camps in Canton MI... The pics on the blog here but need a ball or two the perfect time Explore... Photo shoot a children ’ s usually the staff that wants something new you play is for ages 11-14 which! Nothing, or maybe a daycare center, art projects and programs all centered around the world Cruise. Medieval village and the 60 ’ s all generations.-Psalm 100:5, NRSV this list definitely... Old girls this year ball or two out there ” too summer schedule a... The wind over night blew it into the summer schedule with a new, novel theme because of,! Rural area years camp to have listed the themes every year including Survivor,,! 6 years I have certainly been lax on posting ideas for you is even a suggested trip. – summer is the perfect time to Explore shadows and sunshine with your kids and the! Their tricks, how we are “ visiting ” new York, Mars, Netherlands and Zimbabwe like. Theme ( very broad ) is FANTASY day!!!!!!!!!!. Use chalk to draw circles on the blog here and they get to learn a little learning into the! For every minute of Everyday and science focus but use art,,! Build camp ’ s summer camp camping theme ’ s activities and on included in previous summer ’ 1800... Ship themes since you have any other ideas for you though and see if had...

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